Supporting Learning in MyEducation BC

The videos in this tutorial series have been recorded in a scrambled test environment created for demonstration only. No personal data is shared.

Preparing Your Toolkit

Set Course Details and Link Classes

Outline the details of your course at the beginning of the year and link classes that will share assignments.

Evidence of Learning

Some thoughts about categorizing your learning tasks in a Standards Based Gradebook. (00:00)

Creating Categories

Set up your categories for learning tasks.

Setting Assignment Defaults

Set your assignment defaults up the way you most commonly want to begin them.

Reporting Standards

An explanation of where to find the Curricular Competencies in your gradebook and a description of the fields.

Creating Assignments

Create a Simple Assignment

Basic instructions for creating an assignment and attaching competencies to it.

Adding Details to Your Assignments

Using the WYSIWYG editor to provide details about learning tasks to students.

Entering Proficiency Data

Navigation of Scores Entry Screens

Three views are available for entering scores. Information about the icons, the content of the screens and navigating between them is provided.

Scores View

Using the default scores view.

Single Student View

Using the single student view.

Single Assignment View

Using the single assignment view.

Adding Colours

Adding colour to your proficiency levels for scores screens.

District Resources

Using the CB-IEP

Surrey School District demonstrates the implementation and use of the CB-IEP.