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A Manual for Managing Student Information
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Recent Updates

January 2024
  • New “Secondary School Association” sub-section created in Enrollment section based on former “Cross-Enrollment” sub-section
  • Information regarding District Online Learning Schools (DOLS) exception reason field usage
April 2023
  • Registration section updates of Updating Existing Information, Contacts, Entry Codes in MyEducation BC, and Personal Education Number (PEN), Student Alerts, Moving Students with Secondary School Associations, and Student Transfers sub-sections
  • Updated Inclusive Education section
  • Added new hyperlinks to Children and Youth in Care (CYIC) resources
November 2022
  • Updated link in Withdrawal chapter to Ministry Permanent Student Record information
  • New Children and Youth in Case (CYIC) Section Added to Student Records Chapter
  • Updated Privacy and Security Roles Section
September 2022
  • Attendance absence reason codes information added
July 2022
  • Permanent Student Records section updated to reflect new inclusion record workflow
  • Updated URL provided for Provincial Letter Grades Order in Student Achievement section
June 2022
  • On-line Privacy training course was updated to reflect the November 2021 FOIPPA Amendments
  • Data Maintenance: Change History Log Retention added
May 2022
  • Cross Enrollment updated to include information about Secondary School Responsibilities
  • Transcript Record Changes: Historical Credit Records updated
  • Data Maintenance: Dip/SCCP and Years of ELL added
  • Admissions: Verify Identity and Eligibility updated
April 2022
  • School Changes at Semester Change updated
  • Update to Enter Demographic Data to include details around mononyms and repair the links
  • Update to Pre-registered Students
March 2022
  • Final Grades updated
  • Withdrawal Code: Graduated – Dogwood updated When To Use
December 2021:
  • Preferred Gender field renamed to Gender Identify.
November 2021:
  • New Standard added. When withdrawing or transferring a student to ensure parent/guardian contacts are intact.
July 16th, 2021:
  • Program of Study information was updated
May 30th, 2021:
  • Enrollment, Withdraw and Historical code information was updated
March 10th, 2020:
  • Links updated in Student Records
  • Replaced Graduation Transition and DPA with Certificates of Graduation
  • Added resource links under Medical Alert in Enrollment Section
February 6, 2020:
  • Links updated in Privacy and Security Section
  • Links updated in the Enrollment Section
November 27, 2019:
  • Print Mode added to Standards Manual on landing page with date and time stamp information included
September 24, 2019:
  • Standard included in Withdrawal to NOT CHECK Keep in Special Education. Two graphic images added to support standard
September 6, 2019:
  • Standards included for Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) Field In MyEducation BC in Student Record section
April 6, 2019:
  • Student Records > Permanent Student Record (PSR) cards > Inclusion updated
  • Enrollment > Registration > Alerts entered by the office > graphic added regarding inclusion
October 5, 2018:
  • New Membership Side Tab and Language and Culture standards added to Data Maintenance
  • Further clarification on Active No Primary status added to Enrollment > Ending Cross-Enrollment > Active No Primary Students
  • New standards on Proof of Residence, Proof of Age, Grades and Subgrades, and Parent/Guardian checkbox added to Enrollment > Registration > Enter Demographic Data
  • Adjusting Course Credits standard added to School Settings > Selecting Courses for Use — District or School
July 27, 2018:
  • Data Maintenance updated with new standards for record and account management, and miscellaneous student information fields
  • Homeschooled Students subgrade and inclusion records information added to Enrollment > Registration
  • Programs information moved from School Settings to Student Records, and information added regarding pre-transition of SCCP students
  • Enrollment > Registration > Alerts updated to reflect current ELL alert functionality


The MyEducation BC Standards Manual was created to safeguard student information within the MyEducation BC system, ensuring it remains consistent with Ministry policy and legislation, and enables school districts across the province to easily manage shared students. It outlines standards and procedures required for the management of student data, as well as key areas where district-specific decisions are required.


Recognizing the need for common data entry standards across the province, the Operations and Standards Committee (OSC) developed the Standards Manual. Initially driven by Ministry of Education policy, the manual has evolved as additional needs and updates have been identified. Originally a PDF document, the Standards Manual was first published in December, 2015 after approval by the Service Management Council, who has delegated the authority to update the manual to the OSC. Two annual editions of the Standards Manual in its PDF form were created before it was moved online to allow for increased flexibility and timeliness.

Operations and Standards Committee

The Operations and Standards Committee (OSC) is a standing advisory committee of the Service Management Council (SMC). OSC provides recommendations to the SMC Executive Committee and advice to the MyEducation BC team regarding the standardization of business practices, common operational procedures, schedules, security and privacy procedures, software configuration, and coding within MyEducation BC, and manages the MyEducation BC Standards Manual. Supported by staff at the Ministry of Education, OSC is led by a chair from the SMC Executive Committee and its members represent the diverse school districts across the province.

Updating the Manual

Updates to the Standards Manual are decided upon by the OSC, who meets weekly to discuss and review suggested changes from the field, those referred by other SMC committees, or updates identified as required due to system updates or policy changes. School district staff may submit suggestions to the OSC using the contact form.

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